Give me a sec.1,061
I'm upset at the moment. I just found my cat Pox, and the poor thing's half dead.1,061
They found Pox at the warehouse you were working at. He must have eaten some of the rats you poisoned.1,061
There is an apothecary here in town, seek his help. Tell him that the poison was made from red spiders eggs and kwuarm. He should know what to do. Go quickly.1,035
Ah, it's %USERNAME%, isn't it? Jimmy D said you'd be along. So what can I do for you?1,034
Have you got the anti-poison?1,033
Thank you %USERNAME% thank you so much.1,031
I have to have a word with you about the job you did in the warehouse.1,029
You didn't quite finish that job I set you.1,029
Do you have a problem with my face?1,029
Well one rat survived, the biggest nastiest one of the lot.1,028
I'm afraid it was. You said you'd clear the warehouse of rats, I do remember.1,027
I did now get to it.1,026
Uh.... I guess not. It's just that most.. ah forget it.1,026
Nah. I'm too busy.1,025
No really, I'm just too busy at the moment. I've got three jobs going at the minute and I just don't have any time for helping the likes of you out.1,022
Ah you've met the sisters. Lovely girls aren't they?1,021
I suppose there is this job I have just south of here. I need to get someone to clear out a warehouse of rats. It should be a simple job of poisoning a few rat holes. Nothing too complicated.1,020
No you need rat poison to kill rats. Mix up a batch of the stuff for yourself. 1,019
Report back to me when you're done and I want to get this job wrapped as soon as possible.1,017
To poison the holes you'll need some bait. Use some cheese for this. 887
My sources tell me that you were successful in killing the rat?786
Your own cat?781
Ha, ha! There's hope for you yet. Perhaps I can show you a thing or two in the pits. See that manhole o'er there? Climb down it to enter the Varrock pits.780
Argh! Don't worry your little head about it, you're obviously incapable. Just bring me the base ingredients.777
Get me some Kwuarm and some red spider eggs. Oh ya an empty vial would be good too.777
I'm no expert on the larger cats, if you want to train overgrown cats seek out Smokin' Joe in Keldagrim, you know the Dwarven city?774
Pour some of the poison on the cheese and then place some of the poisoned cheese in each of the rat holes.684
I'm sure I've seen some lying around the odd time.670
You don't happen to have all these ingredients on you at the moment?409
Have you got the ingredients for me yet?303
In the words of that rogue Jimmy Dazzler himself, 'That's the ticket!'.241
Step away from that manhole, you've no business down there.172
Get some Kwuarm, red spider eggs and an empty vial. Once you've found those bring them to me, and I'll make a batch of the stuff for you.141
Have you spoken to the apothecary yet?61
What? 46
Actually I've got no time for this. I don't want to talk to you.44
Have you completed the task yet?37
The warehouse is in the first floor of a building to the south of here.35
You're pulling my leg!33
Would you ever finish that task? You might have saved my cat Pox, but thanks to you I'm further behind than I was before I met you.33
Quit trying to hoodwink me and do the job you said you would.32
Do you see that bar to the south of here? Well behind that is the warehouse, look in the first floor for the rats.31
Do hurry up. I don't know how long Pox can hold on for.31
He should be in Keldagrim, the city of the dwarves.15
The poor thing will live. Thanks in no small part to you. But could you please get on with exterminating that last rat.15
Argh you just don't listen do you? See that manhole yonder? Well climb down and you'll find the pits.9
Here take this, you might find it useful5
Well what do you want to know?5
Oh the girls? You'll find them down in the sewers here in Varrock.2
It depends on what kind of cat you have.2
In the Varrock pits, your cat will grow up faster by gaining more experience.2
Do you have any other questions about the pits?2
You should wear an amulet of catspeak. It will allow you to organise tactics with your cat.1
Well, that depends on your outlook, whether you're ready to risk your cat's life or not and how defensive or aggressive you want your cat to be.1
She'll be in Port Sarim, scaring people away from the entrance of the pits with her face.1