Welcome to my shop. Would you like to buy or sell something?1,355
Well, well my friend! I've lived in this great and glorious city all of my life. I'd be happy to share with you anything you'd like to know!1,256
Access to our personal kitchens, Spirit Tree patch and Allotment space is lovely. That being said, our vinery and Tithe farm are world class and exclusive to only the most loyal.1,224
Anytime, friend! Feel free to pop along if you ever need any wares!1,219
Not into your back-breaking field maintenance or fertiliser creation? Those wishing to gain favour within our city may need to maintain such tediousness for a small while, though stick to it.291
The rewards for that painful work are nothing short of great!235
Hosidius is filled with keen and skilled farmers alike! Lead by the incredibly efficient Kandur Hosidius, his intelligent resourcefulness ensures optimal agricultural production.197
Our fields stretch as far as the eye can see. With incredible teamwork and group efforts, the ability to provide Great Kourend's people with food and herbal supplies is quite literally the fruits of our labour.166
Hello my friend, my name is Horace! You're in the city of Hosidius. Most everyone round here tends the farms. Without us, Kourend would have no crops at all.30
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Absolutely. I'm always up for a chat with any of my new patrons!12