Hello, do you need any help?3,295
Great! Let's have a look at them then!1,117
Great stuff...let's have them here then! Ah, I can turn my hand to a bit of woodworking on these, great, I do it as a hobby.1,112
There you go then! There's your chicken cages!1,112
Wonderful! That's just great! I just need the pigeon cages now.876
Hmmm, Seth eh! He's a good friend, but he still owes me three steel bars for a plough I fixed. I'm sorry but I need to have that paid off first before I can do any more work for him.756
Ok then! Great...tell me a little more about these chicken cages...Cough Cough Cough!712
No, I'm not actually, I'm quite ill!711
I'm sorry, but the most I can manage today is simple trading...however, if I was to get some medicine say, I could be persuaded to do you a small favour!709
Well, just one small favour...and then I'll do you a small favour.705
That's great! However, I must warn you, it'll be a lot easier for me to simply adjust some existing pigeon cages. If you could get me five or so of those, that would help a lot. 702
Well that's jolly decent of you my friend. I need some medicine, could you get me some herbal tincture and breathing salts, that should solve my ailments!700
But first things first, bring me the medicine!544
I've always wondered what would happen if I crushed an air rune. Have this on me.98
Didn't you say you had to take those chicken cages to Seth Groats for some reason?44
I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I have to ensure the debt is paid before I do any more work for Seth.40
Why yes, here is your reward.32
I also sell other armours if you are interested.30
Please can you get me some medicine? I need herbal tincture and a pot of breathing salts. Also, get me five or so of those pigeon cages that they have over in Ardougne so that I can convert them into chicken26
Well, come and see me if you're ever in need of armour!23
Well that's no good, I need the tincture as well!23
I need you to get me five pigeon cages, apparently you can get them from Ardougne. When I have them, I can convert them into chicken cages for you.11
Well, I'm sorry about that...but I just can't work when I'm feeling so ill.3
Well come back when you have 5, that should be enough for old Seth.2