But I don't have a beard!648
No, this hair is just an extension of my head hair, which is currently not being taxed.648
Awww come on, be a gent.648
Groan! Your lame attempts at humour do not save me money. Come on, break it to me gently, what is it this time?646
No more! Haven't we all suffered enough?645
More taxes; how depressing.388
Why should I pay a Window Tax when I don't want any windows. I'd be more than happy staring at the blank walls. How much money are we supposed to pay?385
*sigh* It seems a lot of money for some windows.367
You do not need to collect taxes from me this time. Begone with you!20
What? Can't you count? I'm not paying my tax to someone who can't count!11
Oh, hello again. Want some ore?6
Is there anything else I can help you with?3
How did it go on Neitiznot? You should report to our King.2
That's not right. I'm not paying you that much!2
If you are new around here, you should speak with our ruler, King Gjuki Sorvott IV.1
You look lovely in that outfit.1