Don't play nice with me, I know you're looking for the treasure too.1,186
Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm dumb! If I told you, you would take it all for yourself.1,185
I'm fine alone.1,185
I'll go home when I've found the treasure. I'm going to be a rich rich man.738
It looks like you need the help.454
You stole my treasure. I saw you!110
I'll find that treasure soon, just you wait and see.98
Not you still, why don't you give up?23
You do understand that anything you find you have to share with me.23
Because I told you about the treasure.22
That's not fair.22
Oh it's you, trying to find my treasure again are you?6
It will do when I find it. I just need to get into this blasted waterfall I've been washed downstream three times already.6
No luck yet I'm afraid.4