Got ya!185
Hey, friend of Snowflake!5
Just a guard. If sneaky human come in here without permission, I chuck rocks at 'em, knock 'em out and chuck 'em out of Weiss.5
This here is Weiss. Trolls built it years ago, after we got kicked out from caves further south. Now Weiss is our home.3
Hey, human.2
We done pretty good here. Got lots of goat and wolf to eat - they taste kinda boring after all this time, but there not much other choice.2
Eh, it kinda rough, but it getting better. Snowflake, she planning stuff to make food nicer. We all like that.1
We done pretty good here, an' Snowflake say she planning something to make food better too. Yup, Weiss is good place.1