That was my request. I feared that the other rebels may not be trusting of me. They could have imprisoned me or even killed me. It seemed safer to keep things secret.705
It's not good I'm afraid. The human here was not wrong to suspect a betrayal. Lord Iorwerth, he knows about Lletya.540
There is a traitor amongst your people. I know not who they are, but it wasn't this human as you feared. They told Lord Iorwerth how to find the village.504
Earlier today. Essyllt is preparing their forces as we speak.491
What about me?487
Sorry to interrupt, but I think you need to hear this.241
Well I can't really go back to Lord Iorwerth now. He knows I betrayed him.54
I've made my decision and I intend to stick by it.53
After we lost Seren, Baxtorian was chosen to lead us. Rather than looking after the city of Prifddinas, he chose to expand to the east, leaving us behind.52
With no ruler, Prifddinas fell into chaos. When Lord Iorwerth came to us and said he'd found a way to bring Seren back to us, you can understand why we turned to him.47
I wish things were as simple as good against evil, but that's rarely the case.38
Those are my people coming for us. My brothers and sisters.21
He's not evil you know, Lord Iorwerth. None of them are really, apart from Essyllt maybe.18
He became so obsessed with his cause, he forgot why we started following him in the first place. He became more extreme, more radical.18
After I lost my brother, who died following Lord Iorwerth's orders, I realised he needed to be stopped before it was too late.18
I hope so. But even now I find myself filled with doubt.17
Those that follow him, they do so because they believe in him, believe in what he's doing. For a long time, I believed in him as well.15
I tried to advise him as best I could, but over time he started listening more to Essyllt and less to me.15
They're here. You'd better go speak with Baxtorian.1