Can I help you at all?599
Of course you can. You are already a master of fire, you just need the cape to prove it. The cape is so bright that wearing it will light up dark caves. That'll be 99000 coins, please.345
I'm sure you'll look hot in that cape.295
My name is Ignatius Vulcan. Once I was - like you - an adventurer, but that was before I realised the beauty and power of flame! Just look at this...65
Stare into the flame and witness the purity and power of fire! As my attraction to flame grew, so did my skills at firelighting. I began to neglect my combat skills, my Mining skills and my questing. Who needs such64
Most certainly, and free of charge!55
mundane skills when one can harness the power of fire? After years of practice I am now the acknowledged Master of Flame! Everything must be purified by fire!45
This is a Skillcape of Firemaking, so bright that wearing it lights up caves! I was given it in recognition of my skill as the greatest firemaker in the lands! I AM the Master of Flame!28
Sorry to hear that, I'll be here if you change your mind.7
Well, come back and see me when you do.5
Unfortunately all Skillcapes are only available with a free hood, it's part of a skill promotion deal; buy one get one free, you know. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.3
Okay, keep the fire burning.1