Hello, my name is Imerominia and I'm the library Horologist.405
I can't say I have. Who is she?287
Two thousand years ago? That's long before the founding of Kourend. I'm afraid we have very few records from those times here.286
I can't but someone might be able to. The five cities of Kourend were founded long before the kingdom itself. Each city has their own historian who might have more information on the early days of their house.285
Jonathan is the Hosidius historian. He lives west of the Hosidius General Store. Amelia is the Shayzien historian. She lives south west of the Shayzien Bank.285
Hosidius and Shayzien were the two cities founded during the Dragonkin Conflicts. They might be the best ones to start with. The other cities were founded much earlier, during the God Wars.284
Horology is the study and measurement of time, specifically I study how time and dates have been historically recorded.95
For example, the date convention in Great Kourend is to state the number of days and decades since the signing of the Royal Accord of Twill.91
I'm afraid I lose track of which day it is... but we are in the one hundred and forty-first decade.44
That is correct; you seem to have understood our time and date format well.44
The Royal Accord of Twill was signed by the rulers of each of the houses one hundred and thirty-nine decades ago, following the great famine.24
The Accord declared that each house will, in turn, rule the Kingdom of Great Kourend for one decade in rotation, based on lots drawn.23
You may find a book in the main Grand Library with further information. Is there anything else I can help you with?19
Our Kingdom has advanced somewhat over the many decades since the Accord. Though some parts of the Accord remain intact, the Kourend Council now rules Great Kourend.11
Indeed it was; in the thirteenth decade, King Shayzien III seized control of Kourend using the military under his command.11
During the twentieth decade, King Shayzien VI married the daughter of Lord Hosidius. Three decades later their son was crowned king.11
He took the name King Hosidius IV in an attempt to distance the family from the breaking of the Royal Accord of Twill.11
It was then that King Shayzien VII took control of the kingdom. His rule was a notably violent one.11
Xeric ruled Kourend for more than ten, dark decades using an army of lizardmen. This time period was known as the Age of Strife.11
The full set of laws within the Accord haven't been followed since. However, some of them were reinstated in the fourty-seventh decade, by King Byrne I.10
Ah, I do not have much more information, but you should speak to Ektheme - he's our Xerician expert.10
King Shayzien VII was killed some five decades later during the Battle of the Concourse. He was succeeded by the dark mage, Xeric.10
Very little is known about those ancient times, but we refer to such times as decades 'Before Accord', or 'BA' for short.9
King Hosidius IV followed by his son, King Hosidius V ruled Kourend until the early days of the thirty-second decade.9
Xeric was eventually killed during the fourty-seventh decade and succeeded by King Byrne I.9
I have not. Did you try talking to the Hosidius and Shayzien historians about her.1