Here, solve this.1,335
Well done %USERNAME%. Here you go.1,326
This is my home, mundane human! What do you have in your pockets? Something tasty?383
Ah, but do you have anything that *you* want?370
Then you have something that implings want. 364
We want things you people want. They are tasty to us! The more you want them, the tastier they are!360
Don't do that! That would be cruel. But chase us, yes! That is good. Implings are not easy to catch. Especially ones with really tasty food.348
You want to know about the portal? It is for leaving this place, of course!276
Back where you came from, of course!239
The aetheric thread connecting you to your own plane leads back to the wheat field where you came from. Obviously. So you will always go back to where you came from! Don't you humans know anything?232
You wanna leave?221
Please make yourself some space, I have something for you.33
That doesn't look solved to me.27