Sorry, guv'nor, I seem to 'ave caught meself; I can't do nuffink right now.54
Of course I can hear ya, ya great big ape. You know, 'veres not even enuf space to swing Bob about in 'ere. How about a breather? You know, stretch me pins for a bit?21
Nah, mate. Dunno what you're chirpin' about.9
I'm finking dat you be a bit confoosed. I is an imp, not some namby-pamby genie or some kinda fairy. Ye can tell by the horns.9
an quick like. If you let me scarper, I'll take a couple of fings to the bank for ya. You game?9
Sayin' dat, I don't fancy being cooped up like one of me uncle's pigeons. Tell you what, is there anything you need deliverin' to the bank? I may not be no cunjerer or sommink like dat, but I can get about nice8
Yeah, we's love tiny, crampt space. It be magical. But I is a busy imp, innit? Dragons needin' ticklin', shiny relics needin' stealin', you know how it goes.4
So, if you's know whas good for ya, you'd be lettin' me go, right?4
Pet!! Nah mate. I fink you'd find dat you'd be my pet!! We is not makin good pets.4
Coz...errr... 4
We bite! Yeah we is biting
I've already told ya, I ain't no bloomin' fairy. Besides, you know wot dey say, three's a crowd innit? I don't fink I can hop about carryin' more dan 2 fings.4
We is fire risk! Yeah dat's it! We be burning down your housey and stealin' all ya shiny gems. Oh, and da beads!! Mmmm, beads.3
An who's fault is that, eh? EH? I got betta fings to do dan sit ere waitin' for ya. 'Ave ya made up ya mind what else I'm luggin about?2
Is those wizzies. Dey don't like de imps so dey make us go BOOOM!!2
What use would that be in a bank? You'd be better off leaving it in yer house.1
I'm not touching a gnome ball; that's a vicious game! I might die!1
Nope, that book's a bit too magical for my likes. If you don't want to carry it, maybe give it to someone else.1