Ohh, hello there, I see from our records that you've helped us out a bit, and I'd love to give you a bit of a reward for that.839
Welcome to Varrock Museum. How can I help you today?805
My father knew a lot about Prayer, Mining, Crafting, Smithing, Slayer and Hunter, and I learnt some of his tricks... would you like me to share a little of my knowledge?745
You're most welcome. Now, is there anything else I can help you with?733
Kudos is a measure of how much you've assisted the Museum. The more information you give us, Dig Site finds that you clean and quizzes you solve, the higher your Kudos.728
Well, recently we found a rather interesting island to the north of Morytania. We believe that it may be of archaeological significance. I suspect we'll be looking for qualified archaeologists once we have constructed our654
canal and barge. So, we're using Kudos as a measure of who is willing and able to help us here at the Museum, so they can then be invited on our dig on the new island.555
Why yes! You've helped us so much around the Museum and you have the necessary qualifications from the Earth Sciences exams you took. When the canal is ready, we'll let you know.366
Unfortunately, you haven't earned enough Kudos yet, so you aren't qualified to help us on the dig. If you're interested in helping us out and getting that Kudos, simply help out around the Museum.208
Of course. The Dig Site exhibit has several display cases of finds discovered on the Dig Site to the east of Varrock.103
Why, yes. The Natural History exhibit has displays of various creatures you can find around Gielinor.96
Why, yes. The Timeline exhibit has lots of display cases showing things from the beginning of time right up to the present day.72
You really know your stuff when it comes to animals, don't you! Orlando tells me you have exceeded his teachings. For now, perhaps you should investigate the rest of the Museum.70
Ahh, that's due to the numbering being done as we were constructing the cases and putting the displays in them, then shuffling them into the right places. We thought rather than renumbering them all - such a64
The study of natural history is simply the study of the history of the species. The species doesn't necessarily need to be an extinct one.50
You have really helped out a lot. I see all the nice clean finds with their information are in the once empty cases. I'm sure we'll get some more cases in soon for you to fill. For now, perhaps you should investigate the49
boring job, writing labels - we'd leave it. They all have unique numbers and future displays would mess up the consecutive numbering anyway.42
Have a good day!39
I know you've helped out a bit in the Timeline exhibit upstairs, but I'm sure you can help more. When you're out on your travels being a brave adventurer, remember that you can come back to the Museum38
rest of the Museum.34
Most definitely! You've helped us so much around the Museum that there's nothing left for us to do until we get new display cases. When the canal is ready, we'll let you know.28
after some quests to let us know important historical facts. This will help us to update the displays and make the Museum a more informative place! You'll earn yourself Kudos too.28
I see you've already helped out in the Dig Site exhibit. Our picture of life back in the 3rd and 4th Ages in that old city is really becoming clearer. There are still a few displays that need updating, though. If you'd like to14
know more about cleaning finds, just ask the archaeologists.12
I see you have filled up the display cases we have, and given us large amounts of information for the Timeline exhibit. At the moment, you have left us nothing to do ourselves, but I'm sure we'll be getting some new cases10
Unfortunately, you haven't passed your Earth Science exams, so you aren't qualified to help us on the dig. If you're interested, visit the Education Centre on the Dig Site to the east and talk to the examiners there.10
in soon for you to help us out with! For now, perhaps you should investigate the rest of the Museum.10
As you've passed your Earth Science exams at the Dig Site, you can go through into the cleaning area and clean off some finds. This will help our Dig Site display floor to give a more accurate view of life back in the10
3rd and 4th Ages, as well as earning you Kudos. If you'd like to know more about cleaning finds, just ask the archaeologists.9
You could help out in the Timeline exhibit upstairs. By providing information you may have gathered on your travels around the world, you can help to make our displays more comprehensive and earn yourself Kudos6
Downstairs, in the Natural History exhibit, you can answer quizzes about animals to show us your knowledge and earn Kudos at the same time. Talk to Orlando, I'm sure he'd appreciate your knowledge.6
I don't think you're fit right now to help us with cleaning finds and putting them in their display cases, but do feel free to take a look around at the displays available. You'll find out a little about the things we've2
found on the Dig Site from the 3rd and 4th Ages - all really quite fascinating.2
I see you have already demonstrated some of your knowledge of the natural world in the Natural History exhibit, so why not pop down and do some more quizzes with Orlando! You can earn Kudos at the same time.2