Yes I am. Why do you ask?988
How wonderful! I assumed from the way the big oaf always referred to the rigging as 'big strings' that he couldn't navigate his way out of a soggy paper bag. So, can I see the gift he sent?988
I see. It looks like a log with 'Olaf was here' carved in it.986
Well, since you have come such a long way, you can have this. I baked it this morning, so it's still nice and fresh.986
Outlander, I have work to be getting on with... Please stop bothering me.40
Hello again! Have you any word from my husband?32
Well, when you do, tell him we'll be more than happy to see him again.23
Good afternoon! How do you like our village?23
We polish them every day to get them nice and clean.16
Leave now, before I get rid of you myself.1
Oh my...I was a little doubtful that you were telling the truth, but since you've lost something valuable, you must be a friend of my husbands.1
Come and see me again when you manage to keep a hold of it you poor, poor woman.1