I help the main man over there. He can get a bit cantankerous. Every now and then he'll just start attacking people without warning. I act as a sort of home help...28
Well, sometimes he'll fly right off the handle and just start, you know, 'raising the dead' to do his 'bidding'. That kind of activity is just so anti-social, so it tends to attract a lot of hero types, you know!25
Exactly! They come in all, 'Have at thee! ' and 'Death to you evil one', it's all a bit too dramatic for me to be honest. 22
Well, it's kind of interesting the first few times, but it's like falling off a bike...21
I was going to say that you soon get fed-up with it. I guess it's one of those perks of the job though, ability to raise yourself from the dead. 21
Anyway, he'll often end up getting killed and nothing get's done around the house while he's awaiting his mortal return.20
You'd think he'd do better things with a gift like that, but all he tends to do is get angry at people who come into his house without being invited and then he's off again 'raising the dead'.19