Be on your guard friend.161
Be vigilant friend.113
Ignisia will explain. Just be careful of what she tells you.30
I've heard stories about them and the things they have done over the years. Be careful of them, they can't be trusted.25
Better to be paranoid than a fool. Anyone with any sense knows that the Pyromancers are trouble. They say even Lord Arceuus doesn't trust them.23
I'm Ish, one of the navigators of Piscarilius.17
Lady Piscarilius has sent me here to keep an eye on the situation. She doesn't trust the other houses and believes something sinister is going on here.17
I don't know, but I intend to find out.16
The Wintertodt terrorised Great Kourend many centuries ago. It destroyed much of this northern land over many years before it was finally driven back into this prison.15
No one knows for sure but I have a theory...14
The Dark Altar. It felt the Altar's power and wanted to consume it for itself. It wouldn't be the first time...13
Stay vigilant friend.11