You, you're the human that killed Tyras. Arianwyn told us about you.1,135
Why should we? All you humans do is take and destroy with no care for others. We don't need your help. You've done enough damage.1,133
Maybe, but it's not a risk worth taking. It was the acts of humans that led to my grandmother's death. You will bring similar ruin to us.1,125
Glarial, wife to King Baxtorian. At one time my grandparents ruled over a great elven kingdom. But your kind put an end to that.1,121
You... you moved her into the waterfall? That... that's the perfect place for her to be.1,116
I don't know the consecration process myself. You should speak with Eluned. She is wise in the ways of the ritual.1,099
You have returned! Is it done?1,005
Thank you, I admit I was wrong about you. You have showed care and compassion that I didn't think possible for a human. As promised, we will take you to Arianwyn. But first, a reward for you.1,002
We elves use equipment formed out of crystal itself, far superior to your human weapons. However, the crystal does degrade with use and will eventually revert to seed.1,002
All elven crystal starts as a seed. It can then be sung into various shapes through the power of the voice. Eventually, it reverts back to seed, ready for the next song.1,002
Anyway, I'm sure you will learn more about crystal seeds as you spend time with our kind. For now though, which one of these creations would you like?1,001
Alright. If you ever need a replacement, I can sell you another. Remember, the better the condition of crystal equipment, the more potential it has.975
Now, let us know when you are ready to be taken to Arianwyn.849
Keep an eye out for an elf named Ilfeen as you wander the forest. She can chant crystal seeds into new items for you.795
Both the shield and the bow I am carrying have been used, so are not at their full potential. They should still be quite useful though.780
Very well human, we will take you to Arianwyn. But first, there is something you must do. If my grandmother has been moved, then her new tomb must be consecrated. Do this, and you will earn my trust.776
I propose we send %USERNAME% in. They have proven to us time and time again that they have the skill needed for a challenge like this.756
Before her death, my mother passed down a book to me. It was written by my grandfather for his wife. You should take it with you. It might contain something of use.634
It's not impossible I suppose. If anyone, it would have been him. Baxtorian was closer to Seren than any other elf, it's one of the reasons he was chosen to become king.613
So he did break one of the seals. Did it hide anything notable?588
Cried? In your dreams Eluned.567
A curse? What curse?564
I... I don't believe it. She cursed us? Our goddess cursed us?545
Not nothing. We now know that the seals can be destroyed, which means Lord Iorwerth could have spoken the truth.525
Ahh... good to see you back. Are you after more crystal equipment?523
He wasn't a friend, to any of us. Everything he cared about he lost a long time ago.520
An orb?514
Jealous, Ysgawyn?499
Sounds like we're done here. Let's get moving.483
Very well. Arianwyn will be in Lletya, Eluned can take you there.483
But he didn't give up. To the very end, he fought for a cause he believed in, our cause.473
The Underground Pass! I intend to fight for my people, even if their own king won't!473
We can enter Prifddinas!472
While he was fighting Lord Iorwerth, invaders took control of our kingdom to the east. They kidnapped Glarial, Baxtorian's wife.466
You hate everything Ysgawyn.464
Don't be so sure. I never knew my grandfather, but my mother always told me that he wasn't the type for taking chances. If he knew something important, he'd have made sure it wouldn't have been lost with him.461
No. Prifddinas was lost to us. When Lord Iorwerth first took control of the city, my grandfather, Baxtorian, led an army to try and stop him.459
Baxtorian kept everything of importance to him at his home within Baxtorian Falls. If we're going to find anything, it's probably there.455
That's impossible. He must be lying.443
Get after them!442
And now he's gone. Along with the orb and that traitor, Arianwyn. Lord Iorwerth has everything he needs now. He'll be preparing to move on the temple as we speak.442
The orb isn't enough for him to win though, he'll also need to break through the defences on the Temple of Light. He'll struggle to do that now he's lost Ardougne.440
You say that like it's a bad thing, Ysgawyn. Last time I checked, we didn't care about upsetting our foe.438
Unable to find her, he sealed himself beneath the waterfall where they lived, never to be seen again.436
Oh I don't intend to give up, but make no mistake, this is a fight we're unlikely to win.433
If the orb isn't at Gorlah, Lord Iorwerth must have claimed it. It could be anywhere now.432
When that failed, Baxtorian and the other clan elders made one final ditch attempt to save Prifddinas. They sung the song of inversion to revert the entire city to a crystal seed.432
Well Lord Iorwerth seemed to think you were no stranger to that. Why did he think that?423
That's not your call. Arianwyn is in charge here.417
Hmm. I don't believe you.412
What happened? Tell us.412
You... you killed them? You killed them all?412
I wouldn't trust Lord Iorwerth if my life depended on it. I know a liar when I see one though, and I can tell you're not being honest about something.409
You think I don't understand love? I knew love, for Eirlys! My mother! Your daughter! She died in your war, while you hid away!405
No, you just serve yourself, don't you Ysgawyn?404
Maybe, but we have to try. What else is there?404
You should learn some respect!403
Lord Iorwerth was right! You're just a coward!403
This can't be real... This is a dream... Tell me this isn't real!388
We do not barter with your kind!363
What truth?363
You're a monster! Surely you don't mean to side with this barbarian, Arianwyn.351
What's he on about?350
Let go of your pride, Ysgawyn. %USERNAME% has proven his worth to us.334
Ilfeen can chant them into new items for you. She'll be wandering the forest somewhere.299
Good to see you, %USERNAME%. Are you after some crystal equipment?248
The tomb of my grandmother must be consecrated. I don't know the process myself though. You should speak with Eluned. She is wise in the ways of the ritual.199
Good day. Have you spoken to Eluned yet?190
Hello there. Are you ready to be taken to Arianwyn?178
That costs 750,000 coins.141
Let go of your pride, Ysgawyn. %USERNAME% has proven her worth to us.136
Sorry friend, but I don't actually think you are.135
Ilfeen can chant them into new items for you.115
That costs 900,000 coins.99
Well I wish I could help but my kind have no place in the east any more.93
Good, you should go and show it to her.86
They're 750,000 coins each for new ones.66
Good to see you %USERNAME%. You should speak to Arianwyn when you're ready to begin.56
Good day. I hear you managed to retrieve the crystal seed.54
This is good to hear. It puts me at ease to know she is in my grandfather's home. I will rest even easier once it has been consecrated.54
Look after yourself.40
As good as can be, all things considered. I idolised my grandfather for years. They always say you should never meet your heroes though, now I see why.37
He is, he's the only family I have left. The rest of them died in his war. A war that will finally end today.34
Maybe if we both survive, I'll find it in my heart to forgive him. But for now, I have to focus elsewhere.34
As you wish.33
Leave me be, I have no time for humans.31
They're 900,000 coins each for new ones.28
Well sorry, but you'll have to get 900,000 coins. Oh well... See you later.20
Good luck %USERNAME%. I'll see you on the other side.18
No problem. Let us know when you are ready to be taken to Arianwyn.17
Good hunting.17
Are you sure?16
Very well. Come find me when you are ready.14
Sorry, you don't have enough space to hold any.14
Well sorry, but you'll have to get 750,000 coins. Oh well... See you later.13
Well sorry, but you don't have space to hold it.13
Sorry but they are very expensive to make. But it's your decision.11
Sloppy bearded mechanics wouldn't know decent craftsmanship if it bit them on the ankle! Besides, they are far too bulky.10
Erm, are you trying to be funny?9
What would you like?9
Not a problem. Just let us know when you're ready.4
Good to see you %USERNAME%. You should speak to Baxtorian when you're ready to begin.3
He is, he's the only family I have left. The rest of them died in his war.3
If you wish to see Arianwyn, this is the only way. Come find us if you change your mind.3
Not a problem. Just let us know when you are.1
Fair enough. Let us know when you are ready to be taken to Arianwyn.1