What d'ye want now?639
Arrr, we be cursed, we be CURSED! It be a curse upon us!514
Ye be back? Have ye been investigatin' the curse?504
Aye? D'ye think so? Really? Am I not a picture of health an' beauty?492
The point I'm makin' is that I know the seas like I know the palm of my hand. I've been to strange lands an' seen things that'll make yer juices turn in yer veins.480
Arrr? And what if I did? Can't an old sailor help his crew without interfering young land-lubbers making accusations?423
The Corsairs all think I'm sick too, even though I never ate the food. An' ye'll never make me prove that I'm healthy - I ain't gettin' up! So they'll keep believing in the curse.422
Ye'll never make me get up! I ain't afraid of cold, nor of wet, nor of anythin' ye can do in here.421
Ye be back? Tell me, do those scurvy Corsairs take the curse seriously?370
Arrr! Too clever ye be... I heard the Captain might kick me off the crew, so I poisoned the dinner, an' acted sick too. Now they think they're cursed, so they'll want me around, wi' my knowledge o' such things!349
I even sailed the seas during that tricky phase in between, when ye'r not quite a man yet, but ye'r not really a boy anymore. But I don't want to talk about that bit.337
Besides, if ye be sayin' I poisoned my crew, why would I do such a thing? Why would I poison 'em an' then pretend to be sick too?334
I've sailed the seas all my life. I sailed the seas as a man, like I sailed 'em as a boy.334
There be more things in the world than ye dreams of in yer fancy book-learnin'! An' most of 'em be hostile. Could be any number of things brought this curse upon us. Demons, evil spirits, anything!333
I've seen dancing fish-women, monkey-kings, huge men in turbans from the far West selling treasure maps - you name it, an' I've seen it.328
Arrr! Off ye goes...316
Arrr! Ogre women be powerful, an' Arsen be a fool.312
Arrr! That'll teach him to meddle with such folk. Colin should stick to what he's good at.303
Arrr chuckie chuckie chuckie! That'll teach him to play with dolls at his age. Dolls can be frightening.288
But they all think I'm sick, so they'll never believe I'm behind it. Hahaha!275
So long as that old fool, Tock, believes it's a curse, I've nothing to fear from ye flapping yer mouth.212
Bah! Ye can't even think of a reason why I'd want to poison the crew, so don't bother me with yer accusations.84
Arrr, there be many things can blight a crew.46
Arrr! That be wrong! I were away for a parlay with Captain Tock, an' I didn't eat that dinner at all. The Captain can tell ye so himself.28
So it must be a curse. A CURSE!28
I've told 'em for years that curses are real, but they laughed at me. Well, go see who's laughing now!28
Dangerous these curses be!10
Arrr! Then nothing shall ye get!3
Ye can't set fire to a man like that, ye fool!2
... arrr.2
Oi, no setting fire to my house!1
Ye can keep that yerself.1