Aw no... I hate those things...12
Pretty sure it wasn't, no...11
Absolutely none at all...10
Hello to you too.6
Hello there. So what brings you aboard the Lady Zay?6
It's what it says on my pay-packet at the end of the month.4
Gossip? Like what?3
I heard a really funny story about the First Mate, the captain's parrot and a coconut!3
Sorry, I wouldn't know anything about that.3
Sorry, can't stop, the Captain will have my guts for garters if he catches me slacking off talking to the stowaway.3
Nope, sorry.3
You know, speaking ill of someone behind their back isn't cool.2
Pretty good so far. All the grog and loot that we can plunder, plus full medical including dental.2
Not as such. If any of us get sick we kidnap a doctor and don't let him go until we're better.2
What kind of question is that? How's life as a... I dunno. Whatever it is that you do for a living.2
Ah, good day to you sirrah! Your face is unfamiliar, did you perhaps join us aboard the ship at Lunar Isle?2
No, sorry.2
Not a lot. He's a bit of a slave driver.2
Please don't talk like that, it is extremely irritating.1
Also, please don't call me a lychee, whatever that may be.1
Oh, sorry, my mistake then.1
You must admit you do look a lot like a stowaway though.1
You think this is cold? Up by Acheron it gets so cold that when you talk you see the words freeze in the air in front of you!1
My mother was a gnome. Apparently it was a very painful birth.1
You'd be surprised what an incentive for expert health care that is.1
Really? Then you had best speak to him about it.1
Him? Naaaaaaaah...1
He's way too straight-laced to have been up to anything dodgy.1
Woop de do!1