Naughty human! You not hunting the Kurask! Jelly's Kurasks only for people on Slayer tasks.1,666
Welcome to Jelly's Kurask cave.339
When the Kurasks finded new treasures, many humans come to the Slayer cave to hunt them... No Kurasks left for Jelly to train on, so Jelly makes a private area just for training. These be Jelly's very own Kurask!211
Not just any human gets to train up here, you has to be on a Kurask Slayer task.195
I am Jelly.82
When Jelly was just a baby troll, parents left him in Slayer cave... But Jelly is strong, Jelly learn to survive in the cave, and one day Jelly will become great Slayer master!79
Jelly grew up in this cave, there not much choice around for a hungry troll...73