What're yer looking for, me luv'?1,304
Well I could give you some info if that's all yer wantin'. Gets lonely in 'ere while me mates are out there fightin' the good war!1,236
The rewards for the most loyal of this 'ouse are great. The 'onour to train alongside our elite guards and wear our prestigious armour, while also fightin' on the front line against the lizardman forces.1,221
That's alright petal, you go'un and have fun.1,207
The spoils of wars are grand.905
Oh my gods!889
What was that?!872
Huh. So that's all you want. Here it is.823
Don't get us wrong, me luv', it ain't all pretty. Those who're lookin' to gain favour within this city need to 'elp in 'ealing our fallen soldiers and tackling organised crime... It's 'ard work!280
Phwoar, what don' we do? This 'ouse is filled with officers and the like. Lead by our rig'rous leader Shiro Shayzien, 'e ensures ultimate justice and safety for the entirety of Great Kourend.176
Our soldiers fight off the constant threat of the lizardman, while our 'ighly trained medics 'eal them from battle. Strict in combat trainin' and discipline. Law, order and defence. These are the words we live by!155
We should have known it was too good to be true.137
It's always the same, everyone want to use you. Even demons.102
At least that's all over.82
He didn't understand!58
You don't understand.51
Nobody understands.45
Oh, it doesn't matter. You don't understand. Go away.43
Good thing for you I found it.22
Well me luv', I've got some special rations for the soldiers in the fields ou'there; courtesy of the mainland Void Knights. Take a looksie.20
There you go.18
You ought to get to the head of the circle and lead the incantation. Let's get this over with.14
Come back when you've got free space.11
Well ye canne remember everything I 'ave to say about this wee 'ouse without that, can you? Come back when yer 'ead's not all fried!5
I already gave that to you! Go away!3
You ought to get to your place in the circle. Denath wants YOU to lead the ritual.2
Look, we've told you not to do that. It makes everyone uncomfortable.1