Let's see if you have what it takes to answer this question.3,412
The one on this scroll.3,406
Please enter the answer to the question.3,375
Spot on!3,304
Hello, I don't recognise you. We don't get many newcomers around here.1,034
East Ardougnian women are easier to find in East Ardougne. Not many would come to West Ardougne to find one. Although the name is familiar, what does she look like?1,001
Ah yes. She came over here to help the plague victims. I think she is staying over with the Rehnison family.973
The plague of course. Not many people want to come to a place like this and the few that do normally get stopped by the mourners.960
Yes, King Tyras of West Ardougne. He's the brother of King Lathas, the ruler of East Ardougne.949
Well he's always been a bit of an explorer. He's led multiple expeditions into the uncharted lands to the west.947
All you'll find here now are the dead and the dying. Even our own king has abandoned us.691
The plague first started when he came back from one of these expeditions. More than a few suspect that some of his men caught it out there and brought it back with them.680
They live in the small timbered building at the far north side of town. I've not seen her around here in a while, mind.677
I don't suppose you could run me a little errand while you're over there? I borrowed this book from them, can you return it?652
The king didn't care though. He just left on another expedition to the west. He hasn't been seen since. He left the city warder Bravek in charge but he's no better.648
Anyway, you clearly didn't come here to talk about kings. So tell me, what brings you to West Ardougne?623
An increase in taxes would definitely cause some anger, especially if it seems that the king is making personal gain. No one likes the idea of the rich getting richer.190
You could target the citizens themselves but that would be slow going. I'd recommend going for shopkeepers instead, that will impact more people in less time.185
Hmmm, that doesn't narrow it down a huge amount... I'll need to know more than that, or see a picture?105
I'm surprised you're still here. Not many like to stick around this place if they have the choice.99
Hello. We don't get many newcomers around here.86
Not even close!69
Good to see you friend.54
Not bad, the city is still a mess but we've finally got the chance to change that now the mourners have gone.41
Thanks, but I don't accept gifts.15
Good work out there. You'd better speak to Elena and Councillor Halgrive, they'll go over the next steps with you.14
Good work driving those mourners out. Now you should speak to Elena and Councillor Halgrive, they'll let you know what happens next.1