It's dark down there; you should really take a torch or some sort of light source along with you - that and a tinderbox in case it goes out.616
Remember, be very careful down there; it is seriously dangerous. I don't want to be kept awake by your cries of anguish when your light goes out.615
If you must, then I bestow the blessing of Icthlarin and the minor deities upon you. Climb down the ladder in the corner of the temple. This will leave you in the wrecked bank.613
I wouldn't, if I were you. It's incredibly dangerous down there. We've lost far too many townsfolk already who underestimated the dangers. There are some fearsome traps and vicious monsters lurking in the608
Some strange scarab creatures burst up from the cellars a few months ago. We fought them back into some kind of dungeon but, in doing so, the temple and the bank beneath were devastated.602
I know bits and pieces about its history; I help maintain the place and even held services until recently. Please excuse its current sorry state.601
What can I do for you?600
We've posted a number of guards there to hold back the scarab monsters. There is a barricaded trapdoor there that is a little complicated to open.423
Hello, %USERNAME%.187
Jex rubs his head tenderly.182
Some degenerate clubbed me and gave me a lump the size of an egg on the back of my head.117
That linen merchant, Siamun; he's never liked me.116
I have a fairly good idea who did it.115
How's your investigation going?34
The minor gods aren't really that revered on this side of the Elid. Icthlarin holds sway here and, although a fine deity indeed, he's not the most jolly of sorts.21
Well, yes and no. I am primarily a priest of Icthlarin, certainly, but I have been trained in the rites of the minor gods as well.21
I'm not really sure, to be honest. Most of the natural worshippers are in Menaphos, of course, and the local economy is rather depressed. In addition, that Templeton rogue made off with some of the damaged20
stonework. We should hunt him down like the jackal he is.20
If you have any sense you wouldn't go down there but I can see you're determined to give it a go. Be sure to bring a light source and a tinderbox or you may suffer a grisly fate.18
Greetings, non-believer. May the blessings of Icthlarin rest on your tired shoulders and may they set you at ease during interesting times.14
Bother me not, I am in preparation for the burial ceremony. I'm sure even you can curb your trivial demands until after that.13
What does the cursed one want?11
Goodbye; may the gods be with you.10
Surely you can confide in me?9
Don't be afraid; you are a heroic sort. Go on, tell me!9
In that case, I prefer to remain mystified but alive. May the gods be with you.9
A likely story. She would never reduce herself to talk to one as lowly as you, never mind help you.9
What business does the cursed one have with a servant of Icthlarin?9
I will not aid a defiler of the dead. Get ye gone; your presence is soiling my austere aura.9
Do you think you'll find it down there?8
What are you looking for?7
I think you'll have gathered most of the relevant details from elsewhere, but general knowledge isn't always the most accurate.4
Not really; there are simply details of Scabaras' fall from grace that are only known to we priests.4
Some of his supposed faults can be forgiven. I just can't explain why at the moment.4
Het is the least strange looking of our deities to foreign eyes; he looks just like us. I suspect this is why his shrines are particularly targeted by the infamous Templeton.4
He is the very incarnation of health in both mind and body. He is quite popular amongst our soldiers as a result.4
Not at all! Our greatest memory masters and orators also tend to follow Het. As you can imagine, the services can be home to some strenuous discussions.4
Crondis is a ferocious looking lady with the head of a mighty crocodile.4
Enough flippancy; remember, she is a deity and this is her place of power. Her area of interest is all physical pleasures.4
Only if they taste nice. Crondis worshippers are often skilled cooks, stealthy hunters or lazy sybarites.4
A sybarite enjoys all the fine things in life. Of course, if you happen to be a sybarite with no money, you'll just be called a lazy good-for-nothing.4
Also with arguments. They really couldn't decide whether it was a punishment from Het or a curse and an affront to Het. I stayed out of that debate.3
Apmeken is the most mischievous, playful and unpredictable of the minor deities. My personal favourite, in fact.3
Apmeken is the deity of mental pleasures, so he can appeal to both the most erudite scholar or the most barefaced liar. I'd like to be considered amongst the former category.3
He has the head of a monkey, ape or baboon, depending upon which exact nature he is displaying. The monkey is skilful, the ape is wise and the baboon is usually comical.3
Well spotted. I suppose that, more accurately, he is seen in the form of an ape with or without vibrant skin colouration. The baboon is the one with bright colours. Apmeken does, however, have a tail only in his monkey3
Cursed one, why have you not yet returned the burial jar of our old leader?2
I wonder how someone as insignificant as you even managed to get inside the pyramid, never mind reach its heart.2