'Ello there.126
Well... err.. ish not offishal or anyfin... but I got the ledger of tokensh 'ere. I'll jus' err.. write it in!75
Nah... hic.... I'm a wizsh at copyin' signaturesh! Jus' ashk an offishal mem'er of shtaff like Shloane fer yer tokensh.72
Yer very very shtrange. But.... you pick the keg up, and balance it on yer head, then you pick another keg up and put that on top. S'really very eashy.27
Yesh. Eashy.26
But you couldn't ever balansh ash many ash meee!26
Well... s'like thish...24
Thish here'sh a shtore room right?23
That'sh what I shaid! *HIC* A shtore room.... Now technic'ly shpeaking, I should be outshide guarding it... 22
Yep... and to practish.22
Keg balancin. I'm the besht.22
Shure you wouldn't like an ickle drinkie fore yer go?11
Wha'? You ain't earnt any mate!9