Ah %USERNAME% aren't you just the ticket?1,160
Ah, %USERNAME% I've been expecting you.1,147
I have. Those repulsive sisters from the Varrock sewers sent word. 1,146
I could, but I would need a motivation. I didn't pick up this clobber ~He motions towards his silken robes. by giving out help freely to every adventurer who came my way.1,142
Ah that's music to my ears.1,140
No, no. I've just the ticket right here. 1,137
Yes just the ticket. Here take this.1,137
Now, a wealthy client of mine, a merchant of high repute, is having a soiree.1,055
A party. ~He gives you a look of disdain. Now please don't interrupt me any further. He has a problem, a small furry one.1,051
No, no, no. It's not that simple. He can't afford to have you seen on his premises. If a vermin catcher were to be seen in his manor, think of the damage it would do to his reputation.1,051
If I told everyone all my secrets would I be as well off as I am now?1,051
That's it, that's the very ticket. 1,050
Well let's get on with things. Carry out this simple task and I'll aid you.1,050
~Jimmy gives you a knowing smile.1,049
Not quite. ~You receive an uncertain smile. You can see that his confidence in you isn't limitless.1,048
Congratulations on a job well done.1,041
Ahh, now, that's something I didn't say.1,039
Well I can show you into the rat pits of Ardougne, great place it is for training kittens. Teach them young you know.1,038
Here take this, you might find it useful1,037
Ah now. If you're wanting to be knowing about grown cats Hooknosed Jack is your ticket.1,035
He should be in the roughest area of Varrock knowing him. He likes a good scrap does Jack. 1,033
One question at a time. The pits lie below this very pub.1,032
~On mention of Phingspet and Grimesquit he subconsciously shudders.793
~He gives you a dazzling smile, his pearly whites both pearly and white. 762
~Jimmy flashes you an unconvincing smile.756
Now I'm going to cast a spell on you that will allow you carry out this task with some element of safety.737
Oh yes, one more thing. Use a cat to dispose of the rats. Sword play is really too noisy. Using your cat is...731
See that ladder there? Well that's the ticket.724
I'll tell him to look out for you.713
Take a good and long look at this map.705
~Jimmy Dazzles you with another one of his trademark smiles. 699
It's the ticket, my friend, it's the ticket.685
Now scram, get going. And remember the maps your ticket. 682
The spell will, if you're spotted, teleport you a small distance away and render the last few seconds of your discoverer's memory blank.677
Ah you're back.113
What's your name and your business here?113
That just isn't the ticket. I don't know you nor I will not answer any questions. Now get gone from here, you'll attract unwanted attention to me.108
Read the directions on the map to get to the manor. Once there discretely eliminate the rats there with your cat and return to me unseen. Can you remember that?103
~Jimmy gives you an uncertain smile. 92
Good, good.90
What can I do for you?76
Got your hands full? Don't worry I'll hold on to this map for now. Come back when you're less burdened.60
The pits lie below this very pub. 18
Haven't I given you the map already? I'm sure I have. I can't afford to be throwing maps around willy nilly.12
Well what do you want to know?11
Do you have any other questions about the pits?11
Is there anything else?11
Haven't I given you the map already? Well take it out, and if you don't have it go and get it. I can't afford to be throwing maps around willy nilly.8
He should be in the roughest area of Varrock knowing him. He likes a good scrap does Jack.7
You should wear an amulet of catspeak. It will allow you to organise tactics with your cat.7
Well, that depends on your outlook, whether you're ready to risk your cat's life or not and how defensive or aggressive you want your cat to be.7
It depends on what kind of cat you have.5
In the Ardougne pits your kitten will grow up faster, whether it wins or loses.5
It will gain more experience and will become happier and will be fed.5
You can find those vile harpies in the sewers of Varrock. 4
~Jimmy shudders when he thinks of them.3
If you ask me it's too good a place for them.3
In that case you are left with two choices.3
You could go for all out attack which will boost your cat's attack and strength, but weaken it3
or go for a less aggressive stance which will increase your cat's strength and attack to a lesser degree, but carries no defensive penalties.3
The Boss? 3
You'll find her in Port Sarim, probably in the ratpits.3
Well if that's the case then your are left with two choices.3
You can adopt an ultra defensive strategy, which increases your cat's hitpoints and defence, the drawback to this is that your cat will flee sooner.3
Your other option is to adopt a less defensive strategy which will allow your cat to stay in the pit for longer.3
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Go berserk!'2
Well sort of, she's the unofficial head of the rat catchers.2
Old pugly, my oh my but did she ever get her comeuppance.2
Pug ugly.2
Believe me she deserves everything she gets!2
I couldn't possibly tell you, but be careful around her.2
She'll be in or around Port Sarim I reckon.2
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Stay in for as long as you can.'2
Here you go, now don't lose this one.1
You won't find him around here. They wouldn't let a filthy old dwarf like him into a civilised town like this.1
If the old rascal's lungs haven't given up yet, you should find him in Keldagrim, the city of Dwarves.1
In that case you should tell your cat, 'Just take care of yourself cat.'1
In that case you should tell this to your cat, 'No guts, no glory!'1