Ah, that would be lovely, just one now, just to wet my throat.831
Franksh, that wash just what I need to shtay on guard. No more beersh, I don't want to get drunk.831
I better not, I don't want to be drunk on duty.830
That was perfect, I can't thank you enough.828
Hi, I'm Joe, door guard for Lady Keli.446
Can't say, all very secret. You should get out of here. I am not supposed to talk while I guard.406
Halt! Who goes there?69
Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?62
Thatsh a funny joke. You are lucky I am shober. Go in peace, friend.59
You never relax with these people, but it's a good career for a young man and some of the shouting I rather like.42
Well, the hours are good.....37
.... But most of those hours are a drag. If only I had spent more time in Knight school when I was a young boy. Maybe I wouldn't be here now, scared of Keli.36
Well, I loved to sit by the lake, with my toes in the water and shoot the fish with my bow and arrow.34
It kept us from goblin hunting, which was what most boys did. What are you here for?32
The Prince got away, I am in trouble. I better not talk to you, they are not sure I was drunk.31
Really, after working here, there's only time for a drink or three. All us guards go to the same bar and drink ourselves stupid.27
It's what I enjoy these days, that fade into unconciousness. I can't resist the sight of a really cold beer.26
Arr? Be ye wantin' te go on account with our gang o' fillibusters?15
Thanks, I appreciate that. Talking on duty can be punishable by having your mouth stitched up. These are tough people, no mistake.15
Until our last breath, our every action will be against Khazard. Never will we help you.14
The powder monkey be takin' a caulk after gettin' rowdy on bumboo, so there be plenty of room for ye.12
If we did, why would we tell you guard?12
If I did, why would I tell you guard?9
I spit on Khazard's grave, and all who do his bidding.6
No, I don't get drunk with only one drink. You would need a few to do that. But thanks for the beer.6
Whadda ya want?6
WHAT?! Are you trying to bribe me? I may not be a great guard, but I am loyal. How DARE you try to bribe me!4
Oh. Sorry. No, I don't need money. As long as you were not offering me a bribe.4
We gots grog and we gots food. Here, take a look.3
Yer new in town aintcha?2
Well, if ye wants te hear the story, here goes.2
See, I was walkin' along the docks one day, and this fierce storm blew up.2
All of a sudden I turn an there, bearin' down on me is this albatross...2
What? I was just gettin' to the good bit.2
If ye don't wants to hear the story then I ain't gonna tell ye!2
I have heard of those of whom you speak. But I fear it may be too late.2
Then stop takin' up me floor space!1
You're a brave woman. If the guards get you, you'll be in here next.1
You're a brave man. If the guards get you, you'll be in here next.1