Hello there!491
Explore! There's so much here we don't understand.252
This is our base camp for exploration of this wonderful island.118
The paleontologists are getting very excited as there are fossils everywhere. Apparently even the sea birds use them to make their nests!83
I've heard there's a pretty spectacular structure up near the mountain, but I haven't gone there yet.76
I'm John, I specialise in archaeology and there's some very interesting ruins in this area.76
Oh my word no. Archaeology is the study of sentient races history through study of artefacts and ruins.72
Well... we have no proof to suggest such.71
Have you heard about the wyverns? We saw some of them flying the first day we were here, but haven't found them since.70
No, no. You've already helped admirably. Our lives are much more comfortable thank you.63
You could help by building some of the basic amenities around the camp.30
Hello. You should talk to the lead navigator.23
Sorry, I'm too busy to talk right now. Maybe the lead navigator can help you out.22
Hi, afraid I've got no time for talking right now. The lead navigator might be able to help you out.20
Hello there, the lead navigator should be able to answer any questions you've got.18
Well you've already helped a bit, but you could help by building some more of the basic amenities around the camp.15