Ooooh... thank you... Wow! That's completely cured me!1,147
That... I am...1,146
The... poison... it is all... too much... My head... will not... stop spinning...1,146
You have? Unfortunately I don't have it any more... in my attempts to slay the fiendish Chronozon, the blood demon, I lost a lot of equipment in1,141
How can I reward you?1,035
our last battle when he bested me and forced me away from his den. He probably still has it now.867
Well... you will have to be a skilled Mage to defeat him, and my powers are not good enough yet. You will need to hit him once with each of the four elemental spells of death838
My thanks for the assistance adventurer.818
The fiend has made his lair in the Wilderness below the Obelisk of Air.784
before he will be defeated.678
Actually, come to think of it...590
I've been having this issue. You see the lady I seek is trapped up the top of a very large tower of a very large castle, and has been for all of her life so far.590
Ha ha! You would believe anything. That was just a children's story!590
Everything is fantastic %USERNAME%! You adventurers really do seem to love quests, but I do not have one for you today.589
Those accursed poison spiders that surround the entrance to Chronozon's lair... I must have taken a nip from one of them as I attempted to make my escape.526
There is but one problem, a fierce dragon circles the castle, breathing fire at anyone who dares go near.452
I have received word from my father that you assisted us again! I get the feeling you weren't going to stop trying until you did though.257
What... what did that spider... DO to me? I... I feel so weak... I can hardly... think at all...228
Hello again. My family now considers you a hero.214
You will find the power of bolt spells increases substantially whilst wearing these gauntlets.187
If you want, I'll provide you with as many pairs of Chaos gauntlets as you wish to say thanks!175
Here you go!140
And right he is at that. Although my skill with Death Rune magicks was not great enough to defeat Chronozon, I am adequately skilled at Chaos Rune magicks.119
If you give me your gauntlets I will bestow upon them some of my power, and make any bolt spells you wish to cast more effective.101
Yes well... Is there anything I can help you with?69
Yes certainly, though it will cost you 25,000 coins.55
You don't have any gauntlets I can imbue.27
Your gauntlets are already imbued with my powers. Speak to my father if you need another pair.15
I find that very insulting %USERNAME%. You do not need to remind me of your superior skills. Leave me be.14
Good luck. You'll need it.12
Well done! Now return it to my father!12
Bring them to me, and I'll see what I can do.8
Your gauntlets are already imbued with my powers.8
I doubt they will offer anything as useful as my magical boost, but as you wish.7
I'll want 25,000 coins to change your gauntlets.6
Unfortunately, you do not seem to have space for this gift.4
I am so very tired... Leave me be... to rest...2