It goes, outerlander...1,069
If only it were so easy!1,067
I have heard there is a certain kind of fruit... that will grow even here, in the mountains.1,066
It is called White Pearl, named after its white appearance.1,065
I do not know. I believe it grows mainly in the mountains, and it can grow in even the most difficult circumstances.1,065
Times are hard here at the moment. We've been here for too long and there is not much food left, or places where I can take my goats.888
That being said...745
We cannot move on until we find the chieftain's daughter, and we do not generally move far inland. But perhaps you can search for it.723
You seem to be quite resourceful, outerlander. Go and show it to the chieftain.633
You are unusually helpful for an outerlander, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.400
You mean the White Pearl?41
No, if it grew on here I would have known.39
I do not know, outerlander, but you might want to try looking on mountains.36
That's what we would all like to know.24
Don't bother me.23
You are unusually helpful for an outerlander, %USERNAME%.15
I must thank you for your generous gift, outerlander.13
Yes, the seed of the White Pearl. It grows remarkably well.11