What can I do for you %USERNAME%?3,260
Ah! Remember that enchanted key you had to use previously?3,256
Well this should function much the same, the deeper magic of the key itself is stored within this strange device.2,954
Be careful with it, the raw magic can damage you unexpectedly when you feel it.2,836
You should feel it, and it will guide you to where you need to go.2,321
There are three people that may be able to help:1,786
How's it going?1,278
All is lost!1,134
Just look around you! This great building will soon be in ruin.1,114
Of course! This building has a history spanning generations!1,102
It's to be ripped apart to make way for King Lathas' new alchemists' lab.1,097
Well, actually nobody knows what the history is. But there must be something.1,094
Yes! Uncover the history of this building to convince King Lathas to leave it alone. Do you want to know more?1,092
That's what I like to hear. Let me tell you about the outpost...1,035
If all goes well, I hope to be able to turn it into a museum as a monument to the area's history. What do you think?1,025
Oh thank you so much, you really are my saviour!979
Take a look at the artefacts in the new museum room. You may find something of interest.933
I can now continue with my plans for this place. Thank you.930
Hurrah! Good work, you've done it. You've saved the outpost!928
Quick, let me see.926
Well, what I'll do is write down the details you have provided in a more easy to digest manner, along with my plans for using this building as a museum.824
You've got that right!824
Many years ago, there were two friends who fell out over their difference of opinion in religion. One decided to dedicate his life to Saradomin, the other to Zamorak. Years passed and the follower of Zamorak moved into822
Excellent! What did he say?816
Very interesting. So there was a great battle at the outpost. Then one of the survivors became king, and the other started the market place. Good work.816
It seems you're lucky he didn't beat you up! Well done, that's another piece of the puzzle.815
Good work. Let's see what it says.811
The person who wrote the journal spent time living in the outpost, following the order of Zamorak.810
He talks of all the nasty things they did to the people of Ardougne, which I don't care to mention! It looks like they were stopped by someone. But it doesn't say who.810
Wait a minute. You could help me!785
There is a silver trader in East Ardougne called Erin, who I believe can help.730
His Great Grandfather lived in this outpost according to the records. He must know something!724
It all makes sense now, I never realised there was quite so much history to this place, it was more than I could have hoped.608
this outpost with a group of others to cause havoc for the city of Ardougne. The people of the city called upon some Saradomin followers, who happened to be led by the other friend. A battle ensued that ended with the601
market where all could trade their wares equally and fairly. The one that became king is the great grandfather of the King Lathas that we know!579
two ex-friends at the top of the outpost as the sole survivors. Realising their mistakes they made friends again. One decided to become King and spread the word of equality, and the other chose to start up a561
Yes, can I help you?545
Hah! I am the foremost historian in the world.543
Possibly, I am very busy you see and my services don't come cheap.542
Well, I am very busy, but I could fit you in sometime next month.541
I'm afraid not. You see, I have this ongoing series of texts that need to be catalogued as soon as possible.537
Riiiight. Okay. What does this err, voice, want you to do?531
Oh, right! That explains the mild insanity. No problem; hand over the document and I'll have a look527
Look, you can see how the sentence structure and grammar evolved from the...523
Hmph. It seems this text pertains to a great battle between the temple of Saradomin and something called the Mahey'ish Medron.523
Mahey'sh Medron. I think it's a corruption of an even earlier language and actually refers to something called Mother Mallum.523
Well, there isn't a whole lot more. They managed to trap the Mother Mallum behind a mystical prison where she was to wait for all time.523
Any time. I recommend a doctor for those voices, though.522
That strange device will guide you in the same way the key did. Feel it, but be careful as it is very powerful. Good luck.484
Stop! I can't help you unless you help me out first.425
Up near the mountains, in Rellekka is a warrior called Dron whom I have spoken to in the past. He is always on the lookout for information that can improve his fighting and commanding skills.417
Excuse me, but are you talking to your backpack?415
It's an early variation on a script used by the priests of Saradomin a long time ago.414
He isn't directly, but he's studied many wars, and as this used to be an outpost it should have been involved in some war.411
He isn't the easiest person to talk to, so you may need to speak to his brother, Blanin, first.408
Hmm. Interesting, very interesting.403
I've been told that there's a ghost far off in Port Phasmatys that moans of losing his life to this place.397
He does indeed. It's Droalak.395
It might not be so simple! You'll need an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him!394
Ah, well the enchanted key can lead you to treasure. The magical nature of the key heats it up or cools it down, depending on your proximity to the treasure.290
What do you mean? You've discovered nothing!209
Thanks for the help again. Feel free to browse the room next door!194
Best you look inside then.87
Have you taken that letter to King Lathas in Ardougne yet?45
It's doomed. DOOMED!41
There are 2 people that may be able to help:37
Any time soon would be great.34
There is 1 person left that may be able to help:33
Don't bother, you're not experienced enough to help me!13
You should make some room for it before I can give you it.11
From the two pieces of evidence, we know that the outpost was the stage for a battle between Zamorak and Saradomin followers. Both of these sides were led by ex- friends who at the end of the battle settled their7
battle start?6
differences and changed allegiance to follow Guthix. We know that one of these friends became King, and was the Great Grandfather of the current king, and that the other established the market place. But why did the5
From the journal you received detailing the experiences of a follower of Zamorak, we know that Zamorak followers were living in the outpost at some point, and that they were being a nuisance to Ardougne but the4
Well, run along and fetch it then.4
From the two pieces of evidence, we know that the outpost was lived in by followers of Zamorak, whom caused havoc to the nearby city of Ardougne. This must be the time of 'The Dreadful Years of Tragedy',3
which was stopped in 'The Great battle'. One of the survivors became King, which must be the current King Lathas' Great Grandfather and the other started the market place. But who stopped the Zamorakian3
Journal ends abruptly, I think they were halted by someone, some force.2
From the two pieces of evidence, we know that the outpost was occupied by followers of Zamorak who caused havoc to the nearby city of Ardougne. Ardougne called in some Saradomin followers to deal with the2
Ok. Just don't lose it again!1
Perhaps he will give you another one.1
problem. The two sides were led by ex-friends who settled their differences and decided to worship Guthix. But who survived and what happened to them?1
I bet you do have it. I bet you put it in your bank!1
From the scroll you received from the ghost, the outpost was built at the start of this, the Fifth age, and following 'The Dreadful Years of Tragedy', was a battle to end it. One of the survivors of this battle became king in1
Ardougne and another established the market place. From the dates, that king would be the Great Grandfather of the current king, King Lathas.1