Leave me alone.9
Have you no manners?6
Out of my way, punk.5
I have no interest in talking to a pathetic meat bag like yourself.4
I don't have time for this right now.3
Give me a moment, I have a bit of someone stuck in my teeth...2
Get lost!2
I don't have anything to give you so leave me alone, mendicant.2
If I were as ugly as you I would not dare to show my face in public!1
Seen any humans around here? I'm v-e-r-y hungry.1
If you catch anyone promise me you'll share.1
I haven't smelt you around here before...1
A very miserable day, altogether... enjoy it while it lasts.1
You look to me like someone with a healthy taste for blood.1
Hmm... you smell strange...1
Like a human!1