Please leave my husband alone. He's very sick, and I don't want anyone bothering him.135
Thank you, but I just want him to see a priest.110
A priest! thank goodness! My husband is very ill! Perhaps you could read him his last rites?90
I'm afraid that Guidor is not long for this world! So I'm not letting people see him now.24
You heartless rogue! What could be more important than Guidor's life? A life spent well, if not always wisely... I just hope that Saradomin shows mercy on his soul!23
Oh goodness no! But I am! If only I could get him to see a priest!23
Hello there. I fear Guidor may not be long for this world!10
Oh hello, I can't chat now. I have to keep an eye on my husband. He's very ill!8
Oh dear! Oh dear! I don't have time to chat!6