Many thanks! Oh, I'm so very grateful. You may be our only hope.1,023
Go on....1,017
Oooooh, a cold dark creepy crypt...1,015
...and this is the great idea for getting me out of here?1,014
Ok...if this is the best we can do...hand over the potion!1,014
Wonderful! I just hope Romeo can remember to get me from the crypt.1,013
Oh, here's Phillipa, my cousin...she's in on the plot too!1,011
Oh how my heart soars to hear this news! Please take this message to him with great haste.927
He's quite often upset...the poor sensitive soul. But I don't think he's going to take this news very well, however, all is not lost. 926
She's going to make it seem even more convincing!854
Please go to Romeo and make sure he understands. Although I love his gormless, lovelorn soppy ways, he can be a bit dense sometimes and I don't want to wake up in that crypt on my own.634
Right...bottoms up!631
...sounds just peachy!629
Everything is explained in the letter, would you be so kind and deliver it to him please?614
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Bold adventurer, have you seen Romeo on your travels? Skinny guy, a bit wishy washy, head full of poetry.106
Yes, that sounds like Romeo. I'd be very grateful if you could deliver a message to him?86
Hello there...have you delivered the message to Romeo yet? What news do you have from my loved one?65
Oh, that's a shame. I've been waiting so patiently to hear some word from him.53
I sat in that cold crypt for ages waiting for Romeo.30
That useless fool never showed up.25
Now go away before I call my father!24
And all I got was indigestion. I am done with men like him.23
Oh, that would be so wonderful of you! I'd be most grateful if you could please deliver a message to him?14
Hi %USERNAME%, how close am I to being with my true love Romeo?6
Oh, I hope it isn't a love potion because you would be wasting your time. My love for Romeo grows stronger every minute...6
Oh no! I long to be close to my true love Romeo!6
Fair luck to you, the end is close.6
Oh good! I knew Father Lawrence would come up with something. However, I don't know where the apothecary is...I hope you find him soon. My father's temper gets no better.5
Yes, unfortunately my father is quite the hunter, you may have seen some the animal head trophies on the wall. And it would be so awful to see Romeo's head up there with them!4
That's not what I was suggesting at all...4
Oh yes, I'm sure that Father Lawrence will come up with a solution. I hope you find him soon.4
How could you lose that message? It was incredibly important...and it took me an age to write! I used joined up writing and everything!4
Please, take this new message to him, and please don't lose it.2
Oh, well that's a shame, I was hoping that you might deliver a message to him for me.1
Oh, he's so his own soppy and confused way. You should spot him easily! He's usually fending off the advances of the Varrockian market women. Are you sure I couldn't persuade you to deliver my itsy bitsty1
He has his good points, he's not obsessed with fighting, magic and ranging at least.1
He's a very different sort of man. Even if he is a bit confused and soppy, he's my confused and soppy lover, and I wait patiently until we're together.1