Hello friend. You're a long way from civilisation!5,073
*Gasp* -- The jungle forester looks speechless. --1,195
Well, I've not managed it yet but I heard that someone managed to find a way in. But they only just managed to escape the jungle with their lives.1,186
Many thanks friend.1,157
Here, I won't be needing this any longer, and it may help you. Whenever I've used it before, it attracted the attention of jungle natives.1,154
Oh, yes, well I can get you a piece but I need my axe sharpening... Do me a small favour would you? Take it to Captain Shanks for me.1,119
Ah, great!1,088
Yeah, you've been a while... I mean, I could have just gone and done it myself! It probably wouldn't have taken so long.1,088
Hang on a minute... there's no need to get so angry. Here's that red mahogany you wanted.1,086
Okay, thanks for getting my axe sharpened for me!1,085
This is very impressive! I'm amazed, it's just great! Do you mind if I make a copy of it, and I'll give you an item in return.1,074
Great, here you go! If you could ask the Captain to pop it into Brian's Axes for resharpening when he's next in Port Sarim, that would be really helpful.1,039
Apparently he was on a mission to map the area. How foolish is that?944
--The forester looks very interested-- Oh, well, that sounds quite good actually... Sorry if I sounded rude before, it just didn't seem like a good idea to me.780
I guess I just wouldn't want to do it myself. But a map of that area would certainly be a big task. And it would certainly be very useful... -- The forester looks very thoughtful --608
Hey, if you manage to complete it, be sure to let me take a look! Well, best of luck with it, I'm sure you're going to need it.515
You're welcome! See you around...513
Well, I've heard some funny sounds and I think I've seen a native... but I'm not sure. They generally don't like to be seen I guess.443
But I found an item that you might be interested in. You swing it above your head and it makes a strange sound, it seems to attract their attention.394
Well, I wish I could give it to you. However, I have grown fond of it. And it may help me in case I get lost in the jungle.377
Well, if you have something interesting, let me have a look at it and I'll offer you something in return. OK, I have to go now, but it's been nice talking with you.364
Of course. I am hungry.241
Not really, but I would say be careful, it's a dangerous place. And good luck.215
I'm a forester, and I specialise in exotic woods. I've not managed to penetrate the Kharazi Jungle very far but I have found some interesting tree specimens.192
If you do happen to get into the Kharazi Jungle, do come and let me know. I'd love to be able to safely navigate my own way in and out.169
You might like to use that when you get into the Kharazi jungle, it might attract more natives...146
Sorry, I don't do that kind of thing anymore. You should go and talk to Pirate Jackie in Brimhaven instead.145
Well, I can offer you this?111
If you swing this above your head, it makes a strange sound. I noticed that it attracts the attention of the natives. Is it a deal? Can I make a copy of your map?110
Sorry, but I have no use for that.91
Wow, you're really not from around here are you? The Captain is to the west of here, follow the northern edge of the Kharazi Jungle, he's usually on board his ship!86
Yes, he said he was from some place... near the Sorcerer's Tower. Mentioned something about a legend? It meant nothing to me though.80
No, of course not... Sorry, I have to be on my way...61
He's the Captain of the 'Lady of the Waves', he goes to Port Sarim quite often. Could you ask the Captain to drop the axe in at Brian's Axes the next time he's in Port Sarim? I'm sure he won't mind!33
Wow! It looks like you're already loaded down with stuff! Tell you what, if you want to dump some of that stuff, I'll give you the axe, okay?26
I'm a jungle forester. Names mean little in this part of the world.24
It's a great map, thanks for letting me take a copy! It has helped me out a number of times now.19
I gave you my blunt axe to give to Captain Shanks. I was hoping that he would be able to pop it into Brian's Axes in Port Sarim to get it sharpened. I do hope nothing bad has happened to my axe, I am very partial15
to it!10
No problem, one good turn deserves another as far as I'm concerned!6
Very well friend, I understand, I must be on my way as well. -- The Jungle Forester seems a bit annoyed... and wanders off. --4
Well, yes, actually. It's my favourite! I've been training with that axe since I started my profession as a jungle forester.3
Ugh, that's not cooked properly. Take it away!3
Well, I can get you another piece but you're going to have to pay for my time... 200 coins I'll want.3
You're supposed to take the axe to Captain Shanks and ask him to take it Brian's Axes in Port Sarim. I'm sure he won't mind.3
I know. Another jungle forester found it and returned it to me. Here, take it again and this time don't lose it!2
Take the blunt axe to Captain Shanks and ask him to take it to Brian's Axes.2
Many thanks my friend!1
Well, suit yourself, I can always find other customers.1