What did your potion do to the crew?!1,449
But then who's going to get us to the island?1,409
Yes, a JUNIOR navigator! I've never navigated open waters like this!1,409
Okay... Let me think...1,409
You'll need to operate the barge controls, I'll let you know if we're headed in the right direction.1,145
Good work, %USERNAME%, you got us here in one piece!1,139
You can increase or decrease our speed by adjusting the sails. You might find keeping the bearing North easier at slower speeds, but it will take longer to reach the island.1,094
You should probably talk to the lead navigator, he's calling the shots around here.1,082
Hey, have you managed to get me that lucky charm?1,055
Thanks, I'm feeling luckier already!1,040
You'll have to fight against the winds to keep the bearing North, you can do that by steering the barge.1,026
I suppose you'll want to start exploring the island as soon as possible.1,019
If we're headed in the wrong direction for too long I'll take us back to the digsite. Let me know if you want me to go back over these instructions at any point.1,014
Here, take this journal so you can keep track of your discoveries. Base camp is being set up on shore, let me know if you'd like to head there.923
Hey, %USERNAME%, would you like me to row you to shore?766
I think the lucky charm sounds like a good idea...573
Don't forget the lucky charm from the odd old man up in Paterdomus!555
Thanks, mister!374
We were completely off course, %USERNAME%. Talk to the lead navigator to try again.284
Thanks, miss!206
You should talk to the lead navigator when you're ready to set sail.174
Hello, you should probably talk to the lead navigator, he's calling the shots around here.36
The old man up in Paterdomus collects those sort of things, I'd see if he's going anything he's willing to give up.18
Thanks for getting me the lucky charm, %USERNAME%. I'm feeling a lot better about the voyage already.12