Who are you? You're not the hero I gave my token to!1,402
My name is K'klik. I am a Fairy Dragon.1,398
The person who holds my token can summon me by rubbing it.1,395
That's right. What do you want?1,395
How did you get that coin you used to summon me?1,255
Sure, that's easy.1,234
One of the last surviving members of my race, I fear.1,128
They then have the right to request one thing of me before returning my token.1,115
Enough of that: you summoned me, so how can I help?1,114
Okay, if you're sure.261
I think you need to wear some sort of protective gloves, otherwise I'll flambe your arm.238
That brulee needs some more work before it's ready for flambeing.93
Call me again when it's ready.81
No horses in Gielinor. Try again.67
I suppose that seems fair. Alright, just call me when you need me.56
Sorry, can't help. You'll have to ask the genie for that.54
A pair of ice gloves should do the trick.35
How dare you not give me your full attention when you were the one who summoned me! Begone from me, until you learn some manners!8