Let's see your ID and you can go through.2,020
No ID, no entry!1,041
Welcome back agent...1,018
How very industrious of you, agent. Please hand them over.1,005
Hmm, we shall have to research this.999
Oh no. It's an agility course to make sure you're still fit and able to serve. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't have any difficulty getting through it. Just go through the door at the end of the room.999
Let's see your ID, comrade.977
I'm sorry comrade, you do not have the clearance to go through these doors.954
Fascinating. Well done agent.934
All right, you can go in. The entrance is hidden under that avalanche.870
So you have just returned from your mission?861
Hmm, these reports are...intriguing.776
Once inside, go into the room to the left. You'll be debriefed there. No dawdling!758
I am satisfied with your reports. You just need to complete a physical and you will be free to roam at your leisure.750
You flew in a 'hot air balloon'? What is that exactly?693
Ah. Of course.682
It says here you jumped off a hill and flew? Without assistance?662
This could be very useful during battle.655
Peach? But, aren't you...male?587
Did you really get launched out of a cannon? It seems quite risky.489
Pablo? But, aren't you...female?297
Hey, get away from there!193
What do you think, feather-brains? I am the guard for this door. I also arrest those bards, occasionally. They are a public nuisance.122
Move along. Move along.58
Don't stand around, agent. You look absurd.28
Move along, move along.18
You're all done here. Just go complete the Agility course and you'll be free to roam around.16
You do not have the Zoo mission report.8
INTRUDER! Red alert! Batten down the hatches! DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!2
The fish cannot ride the gravy train.2
The cyclops cannot see his inner walrus?2
Waddle into a sunset of flaking mackerel?2
The sardine is leaving the tin?2
You do not have the Lumbridge mission report.1