You have done well.1,174
Then you have what you need.1,172
Leave us.1,130
A zombie is soulless. An empty shell, reanimated by magic.988
In a way. But it was not meant for that.981
For every death, there must be life.981
Very well human.981
Right next to the Altar.819
We have found the cause of your problem.803
The Altar is fine, but its power has been redirected.794
Why should we help them?719
But they misused it. And the world suffered.712
There is a grave there. Within it lies a soul, trapped inside a corpse.686
Consider it a test.679
We may have further use for you.679
As all things should be.663
For without balance, the world burns.647
The task you performed.92
But you showed promise.90
You assume it was a trade.88
But we needed time to determine the problem.82
Then you should have paid more attention.81
For now.76
We are the Tasakaal.45
A higher power.44
This soul remained.43
The body was of one who died a long time ago.40
We granted them knowledge.40
It possessed this body.39
But life can also destroy. It can endanger the anima.38
We believe a mortal to be involved.35
Our purpose was to wait. But we saw the world burn.35
Maybe you never will.35
Go to the Dark Altar.31
You'll find it in a grave.11