The human returns.3,005
To a construct, built by a mortal.1,172
Your presence is not desired.1,037
Which is why it falls to you.992
Interesting. Maybe the human is not as stupid as it looks.977
The people of Arceuus have had their time.973
This is not correct.837
The balance has been restored.825
And Arceuus will be saved.815
Go and save your people.812
While you were busy, so were we.808
Perfectly balanced.725
The name of a liar.723
The brother and the husband.709
This is a soul. Trapped in this world, when it should have long departed.697
Free this soul. In return, we will provide our help.694
Time was what it was meant for. But time still runs out.691
We granted them knowledge. To give her more time.685
We admit, the Arceuus people do have their uses.677
We will help them. But first, you will serve us.665
Another could have filled your role.92
An important task can still be menial.90
So we tested you.89
You assume wrong.83
We had already committed to saving Arceuus.79
While we worked, you needed purpose.79
But we will call on you again.79
We serve the balance.45
We serve another power.44
One beyond your understanding.44
And death.43
Without life, there is no anima.42
And move to the one beyond.41
But they misused it.39
We know not why.37
This is our purpose.37
And no.37
So we left our people. Left our home.36
It is a concerning occurrence.35
Where one should not meddle.34
Farewell human.31
Find and destroy the construct.21
Free this soul. In %USERNAME%rn, we will provide our help.1