You said the Altar was failing.1,172
The human returns.1,170
They came to us. Two of them.984
To the south lies a battlefront.983
You assume we need help.977
You can leave us.821
And now we shall help you.820
Find it. Destroy it.803
We know that name.722
They put an end to time. They endangered the balance.721
We serve this balance.720
If you pass.719
Their work with souls has been useful in helping to maintain the balance.711
Her time was running out. They wanted to give her more.702
Its existence is an affront to the balance.695
Perhaps our knowledge is beyond your understanding.689
For every life, there must be death.676
This will restore balance.675
We did.93
It was a menial one.90
You passed.90
There is no contradiction here.89
So we gave you one.81
That, we can guarantee.76
Upon death, a soul should leave this world.45
A pretender.45
The anima of this world. It is fed by life.44
It endangered the balance.43
Between life.42
But the soul was of one who died more recently.40
For a specific purpose.39
So life must be kept in check.37
We could not stand by and watch.35
And took on a new purpose.33
And Arceuus will be saved.18
Free the trapped soul.17
By the battlefront to the south.11
The human %USERNAME%rns.1