Very well. Good luck.1,409
For Andiess!1,380
Well met, %USERNAME%. Ranis will be starting his speech soon. Are you ready?1,200
Apparently he intends to officially announce the defeat of the Myreque.1,161
That was amazing, %USERNAME%. Now you'd better get back to the hideout. This place will be filled with vampyres soon.1,154
Ranis Drakan himself has sent an open invitation to the people of Meiyerditch, inviting them to Ver Sinhaza.873
You don't need to convince me. It's time to show these monsters that their days are done.828
That's right. I recovered this medallion from Ranis, you might find a good use for it.823
So what's the plan boss?798
I just lost some very good friends of mine. I can't walk away from that. The vampyres need to pay.796
Or we could just kill both you and your brother and take back Morytania for humanity!467
Good to see you, %USERNAME%.435
Appears risky to me, friend. Vampyres are the enemy and she is a vampyre.336
We do. But some we take because we have to, others because we choose to.331
Flaygian and Mekritus? Not particularly. They were good men, and it was sad to lose them, but we were not close.325
I... I guess you're right. Okay then, I'm in. Let's kill him, for Andiess, and for everyone else who's suffered because of him.317
No. He could not have known what would happen. But that doesn't mean we should take more unnecessary risks.315
I want to believe that, I really do. I just don't know if I'm ready to lose any more friends.315
We took an unnecessary risk back in Meiyerditch with Serafina. Look how that turned out. Flaygian, Mekritus and Andiess. All dead because of that risk.240
Now, Andiess on the other hand, he and I grew up together. Before Safalaan found us, he was all I had. But now he's gone and nothing I do will ever bring him back.227
Well met, %USERNAME%. Are you ready to face Ranis again?226
Hopefully Flaygian's work will help us against the vampyres.137
Of course.121
Hello there.120
I'd better not disturb you. You need to tell the others about the plan.43
Hello, %USERNAME%. I'll be leaving for Ver Sinhaza soon. You should meet me there.39
Do you think we're ready for this?31
Lowerniel's a much bigger fish though.29
Let us hope.26
Shouldn't you be with Safalaan?15
So many dead. The vampyres will pay!13
Good? It is not good at all. The vampyres increase their efforts to crush us underfoot. These are hard times indeed.11
Well just let me know when you are.9
Much better thanks to you. It actually feels like we're winning for once.9
Ranis Drakan is dead because of you. You're the hero the Myreque always needed.6
I do, but it doesn't look like you have room to hold it.3
Are you sure? You don't have the Ivandis Flail with you. You won't be able to harm Ranis without it.3