You can buy a ticket to the dormitory from me, and have a lovely night's rest.188
Hello, Bwana, what can I do for you today?125
Sorry, Bwana, I don't do that kind of thing anymore. You should go and talk to Pirate Jackie in Brimhaven instead. Can I help with anything else?34
Of course, Bwana. You look like a traveler!27
Well, I am a traveller myself, and I have set up this hostel for adventurers and travellers who are weary from their journey.26
There is a dormitory upstairs if you are tired. It costs 35 coins, which covers the costs of laundry and cleaning.22
I'm afraid you do not have enough money for that, Bwana.5
I'm afraid you do not have space for that, Bwana.5