Congrats. Here!3,305
Hello. I Kangai Mau of the Rantuki tribe.1,175
Have you got our totem back?1,129
Best of luck with that adventurer.1,084
You have??? Many thanks brave adventurer! Here, have some freshly cooked Karamjan fish, caught specially by my tribe.1,082
Adventure is something I may be able to give.980
I need someone to go on a mission to the city of Ardougne. There you will find the house of Lord Handelmort. In his house he has our tribal totem.837
We need it back.719
Many greetings esteemed thief.156
I looking for someone brave to go on important mission for me. Someone skilled in thievery and sneaking about. I am told I can find such people in Brimhaven.126
I don't know Ardougne. You tell me.84
Lord Handelmort is an Ardougnese explorer which means he think he have the right to come to my tribal home, steal our stuff and put in his private museum.68
Bah, you no good.45
A proud and noble tribe of Karamja. But now we are few, as men come from across sea, steal our land, and settle on our hunting grounds.24
Let's hope I find them.6