That depends on who is asking...423
I see. As you can see, this is a dangerous place to be.418
Karam, 10th squad, Royal Guard. High Assassin at your service.415
I am thinking of a way to free my friends. In the meantime, I am helping those who further my cause.391
I have been gifted by Zooknock, our squad mage. I have saved his life on a number of occasions.378
Your best chance is to hide in this grass, human.376
I move quickly.366
I'm hunting for maniacal monkeys that escaped Glough's airship laboratory!75
Not yet, I'm still perfecting my strategy... I'll let you know as soon as I find a way.72
My squad and I are to remain on this island in secret. The monkeys think we are trying to break our friends out of the jail, but we are just biding our time.41