Please enter the answer to the riddle.3,428
I've got a little problem for you to solve.3,377
Would you like to buy a nice kebab? Only one gold.550
No that's not right, think again.46
Come back when you have some.5
I don't like him. He makes all these claims about being the best salesman in Gielinor, and he even has some thugs that he's hired to threaten us.2
One of them came round here and threatened to cut my head off if I didn't cooperate with them!2
Apparently he has men there as well, who have also been threatening people.2
And it's said that they even intend to steal from the ruler of Al-Kharid himself!2
That's what I've heard. Anyway, are you sure you wouldn't like a kebab?2
I've also heard some rumours about them from my friend Ali in Pollnivneach...1
Can't say as I've seen him... I'm sure if he's been to Al-Kharid recently someone around here will have though.1