Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...155
It's terrible!155
Oh, never mind, dearie. What can I do for you?155
Ooh, it's dangerous up there at the moment!147
It's dangerous up there for me too, dearie.138
Ooh, that's better! I'll take you up north for 50 shiny coins.137
I'll be glad to get away from this place, dearie! Fancy a lift up the river?27
Are ye wantin' a lift up the river, dearie?19
Ooh, and you almost had me persuaded!16
Oooh, you shouldn't tease a poor girl so! But I'll take you downstream if you like!10
Oh, Franklin doesn't like it if I take my boat too close. He says I'll damage the nets and scare the fish. But were you wanting a lift up to the river?9
Hello dearie. Heading up north to the Fishing Colony, are we?8
Are you wantin' a ride back up to the Colony? I won't ask ye for payment since you're helping Herman.6
Everybody wants something, dearie!3
Then you can find your own way north, dearie!2