It's a private business. Can I help you at all?870
Who told you that?733
Have you got those crossbows for me yet?708
How unusual.685
I have an idea for framing a local merchant who is refusing to pay our, very reasonable, 'keep-your-life- pleasant' insurance rates. I need two phoenix crossbows; one to kill somebody important with and the other to681
I haven't decided yet, but it'll need to be somebody important. Say, why you being so nosey? You aren't with the law are you?680
You'd better just keep your mouth shut about this plan, or I'll make sure it stays shut for you. Now, are you going to go get those crossbows or not?680
Great! You'll find the Phoenix gang's weapon stash just next to a temple, due east of here.669
I'm not so sure.654
Ok. You can join our gang now. Feel free to enter any of the rooms of the ganghouse.646
Master thief? Ain't we the ambitious one!570
Well, some of the MOST coveted prizes in thiefdom right now are in the pirate town of Brimhaven on Karamja.570
Wow.... is... it REALLY it?567
Thinking about it... I may have a solution actually.532
Normally we recruit for our gang by watching local thugs and thieves in action. People don't normally waltz in here saying 'hello, can I play'.522
hide in the merchant's house where the local law can find it! When they find it, they'll suspect him of murdering the target for the Phoenix gang and, hopefully, arrest the whole gang! Leaving us as the only520
Then I'll be happy to call you a Black Arm.494
We're fresh out of crossbows, so if you could steal a couple of crossbows for us it would be very much appreciated.492
thieves gang in Varrock! Brilliant, eh?484
How can I be sure you can be trusted?482
This really is a FINE bit of thievery.479
Our rival gang - the Phoenix Gang - has a weapons stash a little east of here.475
Well, you're gonna have to do something pretty amazing.474
Yes, I can understand that. So what do you want with us?461
You wanted to be ranked as a master thief didn't you? Well, I guess this just about ranks as good enough!446
The pirate leader Scarface Pete has a pair of extremely valuable candlesticks.430
Visit our hideout in the alleyway on palm street.425
We, of course, have gang members in a town like Brimhaven who may be able to help you.415
His security is VERY good.414
To get in you will need to tell them the secret password 'four leafed clover'.411
Us thieves have been trying to get hold of this one for a while!410
Is that guy still out there? He's getting to be a nuisance. Remind me to send someone to kill him.196
So now you've found us, what do you want?152
Now get lost!124
They're just various rogues and thieves.100
Or I'll make sure you 'aven't got those guts anymore!99
Teach yourself.95
You've got some guts coming here, Phoenix guy!89
Lucky I 'ave a spare ain't it? Don't lose it again.83
I thought we were safe back here!70
Wow! We MUST be obvious! I guess they'll be expecting bribes again soon in that case.68
A small, family business. We give financial advice to other companies.63
And you expect to find it up the back streets of Varrock?60
Thanks for the information.57
Is there anything else you want to tell me?56
You've got some guts coming here, Phoenix gal!52
I need two crossbows stolen from the Phoenix Gang weapons stash, which if you head east for a bit, is a building on the south side of the road.43
Come back when you got 'em.30
... How unusual. Someone honest wanting to join a gang of thieves. Excuse me if I remain unconvinced.28
Well, I'm sorry luv, I'm not giving away any of my secrets.16
Good for you.15
I'll be giving a master thieves armband to the one who retrieved that. I know it wasn't you.15
Not to people who ain't Black Arm members anyway.15
I need two. Come back when you have them.15
We shouldn't speak about that now!10
Try... the one you just came in?9
If you're not up to a little bit of danger I don't think you've got anything to offer our gang.7