That's not fair!731
Surely, facial hair should be taxed on percentage of the face covered. In which case I should owe no more than 20% of the tax that wild-bearded Fremennik men pay.726
My faith in humanity has been sapped again. Thanks for that. Here take the money and get out of my sight.726
But I don't have a beard, I have a finely waxed moustache. I'm definitely not beardy at all.723
I cannot take any more of this! What ridiculous thing is worthy of taxation this time?722
Why should I pay Window Tax when I don't want any windows. I'd be more than happy staring at the blank walls. How much money are we supposed to pay?494
More taxes? How depressing.491
*sigh* It seems a lot of money for some windows.472
You do not need to collect taxes from me this time. Begone with you!15
What? Can't you count? I'm not paying my tax to someone who can't count.10
Oh, hello stranger. If you're new to town you should speak with our ruler, King Gjuki Sorvott IV. He'll want to meet you - he always wants to have a chat with any strangers in town. They could be spies you know.5
Go away and let me wallow in self loathing.5
That's not right. I'm not paying you that much!4
Yes, spies from Neitiznot. They're everywhere. Apparently. That's what the King says anyway.3
Me? I'm a cook. Fish dishes a speciality. I hate fish. But fish is about all we have. Except for yak. But we're not allowed to eat yak.3
Certainly not! Yak meat is both sweet and delicately flavoured. Yak is juicier than buffalo and elk - but never gamey. It goes wonderfully well with a glass of red wine, and it's healthy too!3
King's orders. They breed and eat yaks on Neitiznot, so WE'RE not allowed to. It's unjust I tell you! I had a dream last night about a juicy fillet of yak, served on a bed of deep-fried seaweed and topped with a garnish3
of crumbly yak's cheese.3
No. It would only be fish anyway. Why would you want to eat fish?3
If you insist. Sorry the stock is so low, but I just can't be bothered to cook any more.3