Oh thank Saradomin! I thought I'd be left out here forever.1,255
I knew the row boat wasn't sea worthy. I couldn't risk bringing him along but you must get him off that platform.1,255
Five days ago we pulled in a huge catch. As well as fish we caught small slug like creatures, hundreds of them.1,254
%USERNAME% wait!1,254
A few more minutes and that thing would have full control of your body.1,055
That's when the fishermen began to act strange.887
Please go back and get my boy, you can send help for me later.852
It was the sea slugs, they attach themselves to your body and somehow take over the mind of the carrier.841
I told Kennith to hide until I returned but I was washed up here.837
Oh my, I must get back to shore.223
Hello there, %USERNAME%!18
I never did get the chance to thank you properly for saving Kennith and myself.17
Play it down if you will. It was a truly brave thing you did.16
You too, %USERNAME%. Goodbye.15