Here you go.1,359
The voices! The voices in my head!948
I am no man! They changed me and cursed me to remain here...888
The soul bearer! You have the soul bearer! The voices speak of it often. It is from this place, yet it is not of this place.667
The voices tell me I can. They speak to me!667
The voices say you must use it wisely.652
Who goes there? This is no place for a human. You need to leave.441
I was once a free man, powerful and wealthy. I owned several apothecaries across Kourend and sold the tastiest potions in the land.435
One of my greatest inventions, it was going so well. I spent days finding the right herbs, I travelled across all of Kourend to find the most exotic weeds. Once I had gathered them all, I put them in a potion and mixed in420
I have been charged to stay here to prevent the Monstrosity from escaping. Those gates and the winches that operate them are the only thing that stops it breaking free.407
You really do not want to know. Leave this place human.405
Yes, yes... The potion tasted delicious but it was missing a tiny something so I added Magic roots to the potion. It started to pulsate and glow! I took a sip and I felt like a million gold! A few seconds later my eye sight403
Will you let me finish?398
Me. And of course your quick demise at the mercy of Cerberus, guardian of the river of souls.398
You are obviously passionate at trying. But only those with great skill at slaying these types of beast may enter.392
Yes of course they saved me but look at the cost! I have horns coming out of my head and I'm still blind and stuck here... forever alone.391
the final ingredient.354
began to blur, my brain was throbbing. I fell and hit my head on my worktop, then it all went black.345
THE VOICES! AAAHHHHH! Leave this place human!335
muttered to each other in Archaic Language after trying to get up several times. I lost hope and stared at the sky. I had given up when the tallest of the figures bent over and brought his face right to mine and spoke333
I woke up screaming in pain. Blue foam streaming out of my mouth, my eye sight worse than before, the only things I could make out were 3 tall figures with green banners - they were of the Arceuus Elders. They332
very softly 'We can save you, but it will come at a cost'.326
Then you may pass... may your soul not end up consumed and forever condemned to the-186
Only those who have been assigned to slay Cerberus, or her lesser brethren, may face her in battle.129
The voices speak to me! They say you should go and dig in the crypt for another one.11
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!9
Ah yes, yes, it has been done.4
You must contact a Slayer master to confirm the details of your assignment before you may proceed. Only they can-1