Nice observation guard. You could have just asked to be let in like a normal person.2,461
Bored, bored, bored. You'd think the slaves would be more entertaining. Selfish the lot of them.1,415
Erm.. yes.. quite right.1,162
I really shouldn't... oh... ok then just the one.1,162
Blimey this stuff is pretty good. It's not too strong is it?1,160
That is some gooood stuff... yeah... wooh yeah!1,159
Yeesshh, hiccup! Oooh, maybe I sshould relax for a while.1,158
Yeesh, yes that shounds reasonable. Here, 'hiccup', take the keysch. Any trouble, you give... you givem a good beating.1,158
The General seems to have taken a liking to you. He'd normally kill imposters like you without a second thought.1,138
Have you come to laugh at the fight slaves? I used to really enjoy it, but after a while they become quite boring.973
Now I just want a decent drink. Mind you, too much Khali brew and I'll fall asleep.727
I've never seen you around here before!483
Erm.. yes.. soldier, I take it you're new around here?466
Khazard died two hundred years ago. However his dark spirit remains in the form of the undead maniac General Khazard. Remember he is your master, always watching.450
Got that newbie?332
I used to enjoy this job, but now all I want is a decent drink.240
Can I help you stranger?102
Oh, you're a guard as well. That's ok then. We don't like strangers around here.88
Yeah, it's to prevent people like you bothering us. Get out of here.83
You're the one who killed Bouncer.60
It would be impolite to leave now. The General insists you stay a little longer.50
You're him. The one who murdered the General's pet.48
So you're back for more are you? General Khazard will be pleased.46
And where do you think you're going? Only General Khazard decides who fights in the arena. Get out of here.45
I don't know you stranger. Get off our land.29
This area is restricted, leave now!28
You're her. The one who murdered the General's pet.25
OUT! And don't come back.25
Please, leave me alone. I'm sure the walls never used to sway that much.12
Who goes there?7
I don't know who you are. Get out of my house stranger.7
What?! You're foolish...7
...and I'm drunk. Here, take my spare set.7
Despicable thieving scum, that was good armour. Did you see anyone around here soldier?3
I hope you're keeping busy.1
General Khazard doesn't tolerate the lazy. If you're not keeping busy I'll practice my combat skills on your hide.1
Go away. Thish areash resh... restricted! We don't like strangersh, 'specially ones who sway. Oooh!1
You're the fiend who killed Bouncer.1